NISD Intra District Transfer Procedural Change

At the end of the current school year (2014-2015) all Intra District Transfer Students (Students that reside within the NISD District Boundaries but attend an NISD Campus outside of their attendance zone) enrollment will be returned to their home campus. NISD will still allow Intra District Transfers but parents must apply each year and student transfers will only be valid for one year. This applies to ALL Intra District Transfers (Magnet School, PEG, NISD Employee, and Parent/Guardian request). All students that do not have a completed, approved, 2015-2016 transfer application on file will be registered and expected to attend their home campus. Information for NISD Intra District Transfer Procedures can be found at the following link or obtained at any NISD campus.

Click here for procedures
Click here for Transfer Applications and Information

Raguet Headlines

Yearbooks Are on Sale Now!
To order online go to The Yearbook ID Code for Raguet is 10044115. 
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iStation Reading at Home
NISD is providing access to Istation Reading at home for K-5. Read More to obtain the link to the download. 
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Semester Awards Day!
K-5 Raguet Students participated in the Fall Semester Awards Day on January 30th. We are so appreciative that so many parents were in attendance. Thank you all for supporting your child! 
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