Accessibility Setting

Turn off Keyboard Clicks:

  • Go to Settings > Sounds
  • At the bottom of the page, you can toggle Keyboard Clicks to On or Off

Using the Keyboard, Including Some Shortcuts!

VoiceOver -The iPad's VoiceOver feature speaks items on the screen.


Turn On VoiceOver

  • Tap the Settings app, then Tap General
  • Scroll down, and tap Accessibility, then Tap VoiceOver
  • Slide the VoiceOver slider to the right to turn it ON

Turn Off VoiceOver

  • If VoiceOver is on, the finger gestures work differently
  • Tap to select Settings, now Double-tap to open Settings
  • Tap to select General, now Double-tap to open General
  • Tap to Select VoiceOver, now Double-tap to toggle VoiceOver slider to OFF

Enable Triple-Click the Home Button for VoiceOver

 If students will be using VoiceOver regularly, you can enable the Home button to turn on VoiceOver when a student triple-clicks it#

  • Tap the Settings app, then Tap General, Scroll down and tap Accessibility
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and tap Triple-click Home
  • Tap VoiceOver, and a check mark appears next to it.
  • Now, to turn on VoiceOver, triple-click the Home button.
To turn off VoiceOver, triple-click the Home button again. 

Created on 3/6/2013 - Last updated on 3/6/2013