Staff Precautions

Responsible Use is the Key

  • Do not sync your iPad with any non-NISD computer.
  • Do not sync personal iPads or iPhones with a NISD computer.
  • Do not download apps meant for personal use such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. if the iPad is meant primarily for student use.
  • On iPads meant for student use, do not log in to the services mentioned above or your personal email, banking institution, etc. through Safari or any other web browser.
  • Be familiar with NISD Social Media policy and understand it currently states that "The employee may not set up or update the employee's personal social network page(s) using the district's computers, network, or equipment." ~  pg. 34
  • Be familiar with and follow the NISD Technology Responsible Use Policy for Employees.  
  • Be familiar with and enforce the NISD Technology Responsible Use Policy for Students. 
Created on 3/6/2013 - Last updated on 3/6/2013