Interactive Resource Links

Promothean Planet
Flipchart Resources searchable by subjects - submitted by educators for K-12
Promethean Resources
 by Janet Corder from ProComputing - All Interactive
Promethean Flipcharts  Download already created Promethean flipcharts and connect with teachers

Promethean Flipchart Custom Google Search

 Are you interested in finding Flipcharts that might not be on Promethean Planet?
SMART Exchange  Download already created SMART Notebook files and connect with teachers
SMART ed Resources  Notebook lessons to download; site requires free registration
The SMART Way to Teach
 SMART Board lessons for your Kindergarten classroom.
Sail On  Subject area interactive lessons aligned to TEKS
Smartboard Team Games  interactive smart board games,lessons,activities for groups
ABC Teach  Some sample lessons free without the membership - downloadable
Bedfordshire School  Wide variety of Notebook activities to download - Promethean & Smart
Center School District Great selection of Promethean & Smart templates organized by primary, intermediate, middle school, high school, and special courses 
Harvey's Homepage Pre-made math Notebook lessons
Longwood Central School District Promethean Lessons created by Longwood Staff organized by grade level K-12 - download directly
Monthly Math RAP August thru May Notebook lessons for K-5
Mrs. Hurley's ESL   Promethean Board Notebook lessons for the ESL classroom

e-Learning for Kids

Many activities by subject that can be used with an interactive board


Bank of imaginative, highly visual science teaching-aids 

I.Q. Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes for all grades and most subject areas

The Jigsaw Puzzles

Create your own online jigsaw puzzles to promote critical thinking skills

Johnny's Math Page

Interactive Math sites

Kent NGfL

Literacy and Numeracy whiteboard activities

Mini Movies

Downloadable interactive science and math animations for use with Promethean

Mr. Young's Bouncy "A"

Variety of elementary interactive lessons for the Promethean Board -All Subjects

PBS - Interactive Whiteboard Games

All games are vetted by educators

Sheppard Software

Free interactive activities in a variety of subjects

Shine + Write

Collection of Maths teaching resources

Study Champs
This site offers free online interactives, printables, and quizzes in math, social studies, science and language arts.

The Play Ground

Interactive samples from the SUMS Master Set of activities

Toy Theater

An eclectic "Theater" of learning toys for pre-K to grade 6

Whiteboard Resources

Interactive lessons suited for SMART Board use  

Woodlands Interactive Activities

Teachers created activities to improve learning skills while using an interactive whiteboard  Several KWL, timeline, and concept mapping Notebook templates
Monthly Math RAP  August thru May Notebook lessons for K-5


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